Bangla Rock Concert

Not even did we complete six months when we came up with an ambitious project of organizing an open to all rock concert. Bangla Rock Magazine with the support of Rockomania went on to host its first ever eight hours non-stop plugged rock concert at Hiland Park on the 22nd of September 2013, where it staged six upcoming rock bands of the city under their flagship. Kaushik Chakraborty of Prithibi, Iman Sen of Calcutta Blues and Rahi Chakraborty, managed the stage by their perfect blend of performing and anchoring abilities. The bands who made the day for the countless audience present there, were allotted the stage in alphabetical order beginning with Addiction, Blood, Kabir N Shiba, Revolution, Suspended Fifth and Tamal N Trip. While most organizers put stress upon the bands to do covers we insisted on originals to be the part of their set-list. Each band performed for a time span of 45 minutes. The editor went onstage by performing each of the band’s original in their set-up. The day marked the beginning of a new age concert culture.

26th Unplugged

On the 26th of April 2014, Team Bangla Rock arranged an unplugged terrace gig at 36/2 South End Park after throwing much cues on the social forum. With only an accommodating capacity of 100, we were already full before the interested audience could learn of what this was all about, as pass requests were heaved upon us via FB messages. The trend of terrace gig which is more popular in cities like Bangalore and New Delhi, was a space to explore for us to do things differently once again. Acoustic setup by bands like Addiction, Banned Frequency, Blood, Kabir N Shiba, Suspended Fifth and Tamal N Trip gifted this city with something new. Rahi’s growling potential was felt by the listeners as our beloved and supportive guest performed Hingsro from his latest project ‘Rahi o Soundbox’. A special performance by Rupam Islam on the keyboard for the first time ever in public added to the flair of the evening for those who showed their support to this Bangla Rock initiative.

Gaan-e Gaan-e jog din

As per the plans laid out by the think-tank of BRM, celebration for the completion of one year and World Music Day had to be done in style. With the team working their fingers to the bone, we decided on calling all the musicians of the city to join us in a 30 minutes act which comprised of two medleys of 13 popular songs to be played by almost 50 guitarists in sync. The two separate medleys were composed by Tamal Kanti Halder and Kabir Chattopadhyay respectively. The whole idea was aimed at paying tribute to the stalwarts of Bengali music starting from Lalon to Lakkhichhara, including maestros from the bifurcated half of Bengal. With 20 bands assembling at Mukto Moncho, beside the Academy of Fine Arts at Nandan on the 22nd of June 2014, after sweating it out in the practice sessions before Rupam Islam, Kolkata witnessed something that has never been tried or done before. A crowd of near about 2500 gathered to sing along with these musicians playing together for the first time ever. And to show that the contemporary geniuses were right behind us, Pradip ‘Bula’ Chatterjee, founder member of Mohineer Ghoraguli, Shilajit, Gaboo of Lakkhichhara, Deb Chowdhury of Sahajya, Chandra and Tanmoy of Fossils and many others graced the open stage to bolstering cheers and claps.

Kolkata for Nepal

22nd has always been a special date for Bangla Rock Magazine. Be it conducting our very first rock concert or new issue launches or celebrating World Music day. This time also it was no different, but it was big, real big. On the 22nd of May 2015, BRM in association with Kolkata Sukriti Foundation, Radio Mirchi, Coca Cola, Dominos and many others, held Kolkata’s biggest rock concert at Nazrul Mancha to stand beside the Nepal earthquake victims. Six top notch bands from the city namely, Fossils, Pata ar Marudyan, Lakkhichhara, Prithibi, Eeshaan and Cactus (with a small act), all united for a noble cause, performed their heart out one after the other in a five hour long session. It was probably the first time after Band-e-Mataram, that the city saw their favourite musicians share the same stage. Donations received were sent to Nepal through Bharat Sevashram and the amount collected from the sale of passes, were converted to dry food items to reach the earthquake victims.