The only Bengali magazine, which not only writes about your favourite musicians, even the musicians themselves write in it regularly as well. The only magazine catering to the alternative music scene of Bengal. While magazines like the Rolling Stones and Rock Street Journals are popular all over the world and even in other parts of India, they are not so popular in Bengal. Bengal has an alternative music circuit which is extremely popular but there weren’t any exclusive music magazine to write about this scene. Created with a vision to enlighten music lovers about the vernacular rock movement in this part of the nation, Bangla Rock Magazine popularly known as BRM, is a sharp retort to all the misconceptions and negating critiques surrounding such a strong musical statement, often misconstrued by the mainstream media as an ‘underground’ movement. Initially started with a group of young and vibrant music enthusiasts, willing to take constructive steps to take this movement forward, the Bangla Rock Magazine gradually gained momentum under the editorship of Rupam Islam, a renowned virtuoso of the bangla music industry, much known as the front-man of the pioneer bangla hard rock band ‘Fossils’ and the man with a National Award in his kitty for his playback in Mahanagar@Kolkata. Needless to say, it deemed to be the first of its kind of someone from this part of the music industry dedicating himself to promote a regional music scene.

With the first issue hitting the floor on the 3rd of July 2013 alongside an add-on official Facebook page, the magazine was welcomed with rave reviews by fellow musicians eager to work for the same goal. The printed magazine is published on a bi-monthly basis, stuffed with news, interviews of celebrities from Bengal and also from Bangladesh and unique articles on topics related to music ranging across anything under the sun. Even the designing for the same is one of it’s kind. The Facebook page acts as supplement to the printed hard copy, providing necessary details for it’s dedicated followers. This initiative has opened up its door to promote young talents by conducting musical interviews performed live, known as “Jam-in-interviews”, featuring the promising bands and artistes of Bengal. The recorded videos of the same are posted on Youtube and on our Facebook page from time to time. Just like the magazine and its contents, the marketing strategy itself has a uniqueness of it’s own. We are trying to establish a parallel platform for alternate music here in Bengal, unlike the mainstream media which does not care to focus on it because of their inclination towards commercial and profitable ventures. So we strongly believe in this philosophy that, “if you don’t have your stage, then go out and make your own stage.”

The Bangla Rock Magazine is not sold in “magazine stalls”, but available just about everywhere. We go to concert venues, colleges, all happening places anywhere and everywhere, directly among the crowd, sit on the ground, sing, play the guitar and sell our magazines, popularly known as our “Sales Event.”Everyone working in this magazine works for FREE, only for the love of music, only to promote new musicians. With our limited resource, it’s been the second year that we have put our footsteps in the Kolkata Book Fair. Everyday young bands and musicians gathered in front of our stall and performed their heart out. The magazine solely works with an aim to make ‘Bangla Rock’ a household affair. Our year round activities comprise of promoting young upcoming talents and reviving the concert culture. To sum it up in the words of our Editor, ‘ আমরা প্রচার চাই না, প্রসার চাই।’